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Orangeburg County Community of Character

Welcome to Orangeburg County Community of Character


Be a leader in creating a community distinguished by the excellent character of its citizens.

Inspire, Motivate, and Recognize character excellence.

Character Champions are organizations, businesses, groups, and individuals that demonstrate excellence in character and/or promotion of Community of Character traits and initiatives through action and  resources. They are promoters, ambassadors, volunteers, Citizens of the Month, any many other contributors to our community. Make a  difference by committing to and demonstrating excellent character and  service.    

Why Become a Character Champion?

· ‘Character Champion’ designation identifies you as a leader in the community. It shows ‘action’, not just words.
· You’ll need to be a ‘champion’ to keep up with the growth and direction of our community.
· Incorporating character excellence is at the core of success in everything we do.  It improves results.
· It demonstrates the importance of moral and performance character and your commitment to  community, employees and others.
· Cultivating character leads to a better quality of life.
· Because ‘Character Matters’!

How to Become a Character Champion

· Complete the application identifying how you are a champion of character.
· Support (participate, sponsor, volunteer, and attend) Orangeburg County Community of Character Events.
· Promote Orangeburg County Community of Character initiatives, programs, and monthly character traits.

Don't underestimate the value of performing small tasks like the following:
              Mention monthly character traits at staff meetings, in board meetings, etc.
              Include character traits on agendas, printed materials that are used for the public (ex. receipts, invoices, newsletters, church bulletins, etc.)
              Purchase a community of character flag and fly it proudly
              Include monthly traits on your marquee
              Talk about Orangeburg County Community of Character and character traits in your home, churches, meetings, social events​
·  And/or become a Partner (see Character Benefactors flyer. While not all 'Champions' are Partners, our Partners are Champions!)

Download the "Character Champion Application"

Character Champions 3-5-18 (pdf)