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Orangeburg County Community of Character

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Character Care Closet

 The Character Care Closet is designed to assist citizens of Orangeburg County that are in need of basic items and necessities to facilitate their daily living.  Current focus is on the needs of students in Orangeburg County schools (PreK – 12) because we know that many of our students don’t have these essentials and we’ve learned that they are often absent from school as a result.  Items include, but are not limited to, clothing (uniforms, coats, gloves, socks, undergarments, etc.); school supplies (pencils, paper, backpacks, etc.); and toiletry and hygiene items (toothbrush, deodorant,etc.).

The best way to inspire others is through demonstration of the desired outcome. That’s only one of the reasons this initiative was created. The Character Care Closet is A Community Kindness Mission. It’s where compassion and kindness meet need! And it’s a win for all involved. We are inspiring and motivating others to show excellence in character traits that are essential for individual growth and relationship building through education, awareness, and advocacy. And we’re doing it while addressing a key need to help ensure that our students are able to attend school and focus on their education.